Breastfeeding Help

If you are after urgent breastfeeding help please call the La Leche League national helpline free phone 0845 120 298
If you want to speak to a local breastfeeding counsellor you can email

We also have a Facebook private chat group where you can chat to group members outside of our actual meetings.

LLL International has loads of information about common breastfeeding challenges which can be viewed at

Celebrity Quote

People say ‘You’re still breastfeeding, that’s so generous. Generous, No! It gives me boobs and takes my thighs away! It’s sort of like natural liposuction. I’d carry on breastfeeding for the rest of my life if I could. – Helena Bonham Carter

You Can Not Hold Your Baby Too Much

Most mothers have at some point heard the saying ‘you will spoil your baby if you hold him too much. Babies are not manipulative, perceptive, sneaky or subversive. They just …are. When a baby is crying, he isn’t trying to get his own way or control you; he is asking for help because he cannot help himself.

Research has shown that the way a mother responds to her baby greatly influences whether her child will respond automatically with calm or stress to the world around him as he matures. Refusing to answer his cries for help lays down “no one cares” pathways, decreasing his trust and children raised on the old ‘let them cry it out and learn independence from the start’ methods can become adults experiencing high rates of anxiety, low self-esteem and stress related illnesses.